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19 March 2009


from Harvest Of Hope festival are up! On youtube, that is.


Remember watch in high quality, and it's a playlist, so it'll play the next one automatically.

17 March 2009


Last.fm today. Reading around their blog, and came up with this. It's still a demo and has some bugs, but listening to your music by tags and not by artists is an awesome idea. I've been using it and I'm pretty happy with it, especially since it's my own library. Made me an electronic/psychedelic mixed with some Canadian music and female vocalists, and it's been fucking awesome. Deerhunter, Apostle of Hustle, Yeasayer, Frou Frou, Handsome Furs, etc. Playlists I couldn't come up with by myself.

Another one of Last.fm's blog posts here. Apparently Techcrunch, which is a retarded enough site by itself, posted some false (and rather malicious) rumors about Last.fm. I read about it, was disgusted, and visited the Techcrunch article, and was even more disgusted. The author seems bent on not retracting or apologizing for anything, despite the rumor being debunked just about everywhere, even by the RIAA. So yeah I don't think Techcrunch is a very reputable site, avoid it if you ever feel a need for news on the internet.


Haven't posted in over a month. Just went to Harvest Of Hope fest last weekend, it was a blast. I have pictures up on fb if you're interested. I'll be uploading videos onto youtube sometime in high quality, hopefully.

Anyways I might have to switch back to iTunes, since the Songbird iPod add-on sorta died. Bleh.

09 February 2009

02 February 2009

give me back my tag!

Don't tag something that isn't "indie" as indie. I was on Last.fm and saw that The Ting Tings were tagged "indie". First of all, they are associated with Sony BMG, clearly NOT an indie label. If you want to argue that their musical style is indie, it isn't. They're definitely more on the electronic side of things. If you want to tag it as indie because you think it's hip and you only listen to hip, indie music, then go to your music folder and immediately delete everything, stop being a sheeple, and decide for yourself what music is good and what isn't. Music is all about what it means to you, not what other people think.


That got me wondering, what other artists on Last.fm could possibly be falsely labeled indie? Well apparently it's not hard to find.

Katy Perry (who can't sing, by the way) is tagged indie.

Lady GaGa (who I haven't listened to, but probably also can't sing) is tagged indie.

Fucking Britney Spears is tagged indie. Britney is probably the antithesis of indie music. She defines major label. SHE IS NOT INDIE.

If it goes that far then I'm saddened to assume that probably most artists on Last.fm are tagged indie by someone who hasn't a clue what indie is. None of these artists are indie by any definition of the word, so don't tag them as such! A band that is indie in terms of label and attitude is one to respect and cherish, because they will usually have better music, have a better fan base, and actually be sincere.

Much as I love The Ting Tings, I would never, ever consider calling them indie. The term indie has evolved in such a complicated way that it's hard to define what really *is* indie, but those artists clearly are not. So yeah, if I find you tagging shit as indie when you shouldn't be, I will sneak up in the darkest part of the night, slit your throat, and take back my tag.

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